Sooner or later, it all comes crashing down.

Sad Steve was founded in January, 2008, to prove to music labels that building a successful distribution channel need not be difficult. I built Sad Steve in less than a month during Christmas break of my junior year of college, and continued working on it sporadically until graduation. Despite my limited coding ability at the time, and complete lack of knowledge of the music industry, Sad Steve had fast, steady growth. I thought it was cool, and many of you did, too. Even more importantly, I proved that if a nobody like me could build a pretty cool music site, so could the music industry. Connect with fans directly! End the Apple relationship! Make Steve sad! Save music! Vive Espana!

Upon graduating from Haverford College in 2009, I tried to turn Sad Steve into my full-time job, with a revenue model and all. No doubt Dad was finally proud. Unfortunately, my attempt was unsuccessful for a multitude of reasons. So, I gave up on Sad Steve, and instead took my computer science degree to the Internet advertising industry to work for AppNexus. This was probably the best decision of my life. AppNexus has turned out to be a great company, and we're also doing a ton of hiring. Please e-mail me if anything looks interesting and I can take a look at your resume.

Despite not actively working on Sad Steve since I started with AppNexus, I kept the site online. But now I'm turning it all off. If you'd like to reach out, e-mail my personal address:

Thank you for all your support over the last four years. It was a great run.

Stay fly, virgins.

-Joseph Huttner

P.S. Hello from Switzerland.